• 2011 SURF Manifesto Theme

    SURF is Scotland's independent regeneration network. Its overall objective is to improve the health and wellbeing of residents in Scotland’s disadvantaged communities.

  • 2013 Annual Conference artwork

    The SURF network is the primary arena for independent debate on community regeneration in Scotland.

  • 2014 SURF Awards Theme - Marbles

    SURF's output includes research, seminars, conferences, international policy exchanges, study visits, an annual awards for best practice and an online policy journal.

  • Dundee Waterfront Masterplan

    SURF was established in 1992 as a not-for-profit social enterprise company. It is directed by a board of voluntary directors drawn from across its wide cross-sector membership of over 250 organisations.

  • 2013 Annual Conference - group session

    SURF members range from small community groups to large private companies, and include local authorities, housing associations, health boards, academic institutions, professional bodies, voluntary organisations and charities.

  • Community Hall Floorplan

    By exchanging knowledge, experience and ideas, SURF assists the development of more successful and sustainable community regeneration policy and practice.

  • SURF Open Forum

    Through close links to government, SURF acts as a constructive channel for information, consultation and policy proposals, based on the knowledge and experience of its membership.